Scott Levitan

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Scott Levitan is a global technology marketing and communications leader. He spent 10 years in leadership at Google where he guided marketing efforts across several of the company's most innovative consumer and B2B products. He was Senior Director and Head of Marketing for Google Fiber and led marketing for all Google products in Asia Pacific and Latin America. As Chief Marketing Officer, he helped guide marketplace app Mercari Inc. to its IPO. Scott held a variety of leadership roles with Philips Electronics in the US and around the world. Scott is an angel investor and senior advisor to several startups. 

Scott brings extensive campaign experience to the Grove Partners team. He has successfully led campaigns to stop harmful regulation including the Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect Internet Piracy Act through historic grassroots efforts. He has worked to keep the internet free and open and championed small businesses online in all 50 states. He helped build the Google Fiber business and brand – helping ensure it is known, loved, and invited into communities around the US. 

Scott has lived and worked in over 30 countries. A native of Montreal, Scott is a graduate of McGill University. He lives in Silicon Valley with his family and two dogs.


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