Areas of Expertise

We treat your issue like it’s a candidate — and we run to win.

  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Land Use +
    Entitlement Work
  • Crisis Communications
  • Rebranding + Repositioning
  • Activist Defense
  • Public - Private Partnerships
  • Public Policy
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Market Expansion + Procurement


We see the world through the lens
of a political campaign.

For us, the most challenging problems are best solved by mirroring the construct of a successful campaign for elected office—

  • being clear and concise with all communications
  • having a defined and well executed strategy
  • building successful stakeholder and grassroots engagement
  • thinking and acting with great creativity and agility
  • and managing everything with relentless follow-through and follow-up

Nothing is taken for granted.


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Miami, FL 33133

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26th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

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